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Here's your dictionary in LaTeX. Here's your dictionary in PDF.


Here's several lines of context for each line that appears to have an error:

Line 1033 : {\sffamily\bfseries cmasai}\markboth{cmasai}{cmasai} $x_1$ sanmi $x_2$ noi cmalu $x_3$ $x_4$

Note that the real issue is often at the end of the last line of real data *before* the line number I just reported; you should check there first.

Line 1033 , +/- 5:

{\sffamily\bfseries cmalu}\markboth{cmalu}{cmalu}\enspace {\ttfamily\bfseries[    cma]}  $x_1$ mleca lo cnano be $x_2$ bei $x_3$ be'o $x_2$ noi cimde $x_1$

{\sffamily\bfseries cmapagjvo}\markboth{cmapagjvo}{cmapagjvo} $x_1$ to( valsi )toi $x_2$ $x_3$ lujvo $x_4 poi ro lo slepau be ke'a cu cmavo gi'a gismu gi'onai rafsi lo cmavo .a gismu

{\sffamily\bfseries cmasai}\markboth{cmasai}{cmasai} $x_1$ sanmi $x_2$ noi cmalu $x_3$ $x_4$

{\sffamily\bfseries cmatce}\markboth{cmatce}{cmatce} $x1$ mutce loka $x1$ cmalu $x2$ $x3$

{\sffamily\bfseries cmatu'a}\markboth{cmatu'a}{cmatu'a} $x1$ tumla $x2$ gi'e cmalu

Here's the end of the output from the PDF generation; this can be helpful in spotting errors. You can see the complete output by viewing the source of this page and searching for "with output:".


Overfull \hbox (0.84709pt too wide) in paragraph at lines 746--747
\TU/LinuxLibertineO(0)/m/n/10 ji’u $\OML/cmm/m/it/10 x[]$ \TU/LinuxLibertineO(0
)/m/n/10 — {vlipa}; {jicmu}; {pajni}; {jdice}; {minde}; {jitro};

Underfull \hbox (badness 2573) in paragraph at lines 766--767
[]\TU/LinuxBiolinumO(0)/bx/n/10 ce\TU/lmtt/b/n/10 [cec] \TU/LinuxBiolinumO(0)/b
x/n/10 [JOI] \TU/LinuxLibertineO(0)/m/n/10 nalylogji jonma’o .i te jorne

Underfull \hbox (badness 1281) in paragraph at lines 776--777
\TU/LinuxLibertineO(0)/m/n/10 le li’erla’i le se li’erla’i ja’e lo porsi — {nal
Underfull \hbox (badness 1253) in paragraph at lines 784--785
[]\TU/LinuxBiolinumO(0)/bx/n/10 cei[CEI] \TU/LinuxLibertineO(0)/m/n/10 snigau l
o brika’i — {brika’i} {snigau};

Underfull \hbox (badness 2050) in paragraph at lines 802--803
\TU/LinuxLibertineO(0)/m/n/10 lo solnuntolcanci lo dormidju gi’e se stuzi $\OML
/cmm/m/it/10 x[]$ \TU/LinuxLibertineO(0)/m/n/10 —
Underfull \hbox (badness 3078) in paragraph at lines 898--899
[]\TU/LinuxBiolinumO(0)/bx/n/10 cinje\TU/lmtt/b/n/10 [cij] $\OML/cmm/m/it/10 x[
]$ \TU/LinuxLibertineO(0)/m/n/10 cmalu skuro ja tolku’o $\OML/cmm/m/it/10 x[]$ 
\TU/LinuxLibertineO(0)/m/n/10 —
[13] [14]
! Missing $ inserted.
! Emergency stop.
Output written on QtmUGnZDks.pdf (14 pages).
Transcript written on QtmUGnZDks.log.
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This is jbovlaste, the lojban dictionary system.
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jbovlaste is an official project of the logical language group, and is now headed by Robin Lee Powell.
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