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Discussion of "selbricu'i"

Comment #1: Hm...
Jonathan (Fri Jul 3 11:58:22 2015)

Your assertion that broda in lo broda is not a strict selbri might be
debatable, because it is the selbri of the implicit bridi that identifies
lo broda; i.e. lo poi'i ke'a broda or zo'e noi ke'a broda.

selbrisle / "selbri-unit" might be a better word for things like broda,
nu mi broda do kei, and me'oi spaghetti, since they may in fact be part
of a tanru rather than being full selbri.

Comment #2: Re: Hm...
Wuzzy (Fri Jul 3 12:25:38 2015)

In general, I think definitions on Jbovlaste should not include any sort of
truth claim. It should not be our task (on Jbovlaste) to explain the world.
For the same reason, Jbovlaste makes no assertion whether (for instance)
"lo pelxu cu skari" is true.
Just write down the pure definition; the notes may be used for
clarification, truth claims (and debates about them) should be made outside
of Jbovlaste.

Apart from that, I think the English definition is a bit vague / poorly

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